For Mothers

The Preeclampsia Foundation has produced a very useful video for expectant mothers who may be worried about preeclampsia. You can see it by clicking on the following link:

7 Symptoms Every Expectant Mother Should Know

Calling on the Help of First-Time Mothers Across Europe

Is this your first pregnancy?

Are you between 9 and 17 weeks pregnant?

Are you in good health?

We need your help and there are just a few simple steps for your involvement in this study:

  1. 9-13 weeks (optional): Consent and interview, blood & urine sample, clinical check
  2. 15-16 weeks (compulsory): Blood and urine sample, clinical check, Interview (if this is the 1st visit)
  3. 19-21 weeks (compulsory): Blood and urine sample, clinical check, anatomy (head-toe scan of baby) ultrasound details
  4. 34-36 weeks (optional): Blood & urine sample, clinical check, details of late pregnancy & birth from notes
  5. After delivery, we will measure your baby and obtain a cord blood sample or cheek swab from your baby

Each visit should take less than 30 minutes.

If you develop a pregnancy complication, you will be seen at that time.


The four-year IMPROvED project will establish a high quality pregnancy biobank with blood samples collected from 5,000 first-time pregnant women recruited from the following countries:

University College, Cork

Contact Fran or Maeve at Cork University Maternity Hospital on 021 4205026 or 087336041 for more information.


University of Keele, Staffordshire
The University of Liverpool, Liverpool


Karolinska Institute, Stockholm


Klinikum der Universität zu Köln (Cologne)


Erasmus University MC, Rotterdam