Our technology combines the biomarker multiplexing capabilities of Mass Spectrometry with the company’s own informatics and statistics solutions to deliver diagnostic innovation.

We operate at the interface of translational research and commercialization. At all times, our multidisciplinary team is actively engaged with members of the clinical research community, manufacturers of mass spectrometry technology and clinical laboratories so that our mass spectrometry-based diagnostic solutions are fit-for-purpose.

Metabolomic Diagnostics own diagnostic programs are within women’s health and more specifically in prenatal health. Our expertise is also regularly called upon to contribute to international efforts for the creation of novel diagnostics in other fields.

The company’s vision is to develop a portfolio of diagnostic solutions for pregnancy risk for the “great obstetrical syndromes”. These are complications of pregnancy that arise when the complex and highly concerted interactions formed in pregnancy between mother, baby and the environment are disturbed in some way. This can lead to pregnancy complications like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, preterm birth, and in-uterine growth restriction, which all have the potential to severely impact on the well-being of mother and child.

To deliver on our vision, our R&D team has developed a suite of translational research workflows and data analysis tools to combine promising biomarker leads with pregnant women’s individual pregnancy characteristics into novel and personalized risk prediction solutions.

In collaboration with leading clinical researchers worldwide, Metabolomic Diagnostics’ team have used mass spectrometry based workflows to analyse 1000’s of pregnancy samples, which allows us to verify a panel of biomarkers relevant for the prediction of preeclampsia risk. Our team is already working on similar solutions for some of the other great obstetrical syndromes.