About Us

Metabolomic Diagnostics Ltd is an early stage medical diagnostics company dedicated to improving women’s health. The company’s focus is on developing innovative screening tests which can assess, long before the appearance of clinical symptoms, a woman’s risk of developing complications during pregnancy. This knowledge will create an opportunity for health care providers to engage in disease prevention and the timely provision of personalized care.

Since pregnancy and childbirth are key determinants of (future) health of women and their children, improving pregnancy care and pregnancy outcomes is the focus of Metabolomic Diagnostics.

Our Vision for Pregnancy

To use biomarkers to determine, early in a woman’s pregnancy, her risk of developing major complications much later in her pregnancy and thus enabling personalized care, adapted to each woman’s individual needs.

Our Recipe for Success

In pursuing these goals, the company has become a world leader in translational biomarker research for preeclampsia and has developed exciting new tools to accelerate its work.

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Today is World Pre-eclampsia Day.
Learn more about Metabolomic Diagnostics developments for better prediction for pre-term preeclampsia.
... http://bit.ly/lets-talk-preeclampsia


Today is #WorldPreeclampsiaDay
Early screening and detection of PE is vital in saving lives
... #Maternalhealth
#Women’s health
Global Partners Focus Attention on the Importance of Blood Pressure

Today is #WorldPreeclampsiaDay, Preeclampsia is the cause of over 500,000 infant deaths each year throughout the world. Early detection is ... key to saving mothers and babies

Great post from @APEC_UK on World Pre-eclampsia Day 😀

Maternity and Midwifery Hour on Wednesday was all about Pre-eclampsia 📽️

... Watch the video presentations here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMu9tBz7G1GhYFS2qDsvo-XkAFYzVX01T

#WorldPreeclampsiaDay #PreeclampsiaAwareness #Preeclampsia https://twitter.com/APEC_UK/status/1263770025070071808

Action on Pre-eclampsia (APEC)@APEC_UK

Introducing Prof A. Pec. Prof Pec has messages about pre-eclampsia and APEC 4

Investors and Partners

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Our Technology

Metabolic profiling is a powerful strategy for investigating the low molecular weight (bio)chemicals (metabolites) present in the metabolome of a cell, tissue, or organism. Its position as …Read More.

Patient and Clinician

Our pre-eclampsia diagnostic technology is at a very advanced stage of development, and once released to the market has the potential to transform patient care by providing doctors with accurate info …Read More.