About Us

Metabolomic Diagnostics is a deep-tech company specialized in the development of novel biomarker based diagnostic solutions for complex diseases. The company has developed an effective pipeline to firstly identify diagnostic biomarker panels and then translate these panels into clinical assays ready for application in the clinical laboratory.

This pipeline combines the biomarker multiplexing capabilities of Mass Spectrometry, a powerful analytical technology, with the company’s own informatics and statistics solutions to deliver diagnostic innovation. This is reflected in Metabolomic Diagnostics’ strong and versatile IP portfolio of technical innovations and biomarkers.

Our Vision

Metabolomic Diagnostics’ primary vision is to develop a portfolio of diagnostic solutions which can determine, early in a woman’s pregnancy,

her risk of developing major complications much later in her pregnancy and thus enabling personalized care, adapted to each woman’s individual needs. Pregnancy complications like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, preterm birth, and in-uterine growth restriction, all have the potential to severely impact on the well-being of mother and child.

The company’s innovative diagnostic solutions will assist clinicians in re-imagining how these conditions are managed: our novel risk assessment tools are specifically developed in conjunction with prenatal care providers to ensure they make a difference that really matters. This in turn will enable clinicians to improve pregnancy outcomes globally.

Our solutions will empower pregnant women: accurate pregnancy risk information will allow a pregnant woman, in partnership with her care provider, to determine what prenatal care is best for her pregnancy.

Investors and Partners

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Our Technology

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Patient and Clinician

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