Welcome to Let’s Talk Preeclampsia

Welcome to Let’s Talk Preeclampsia, a resource to share some ongoing efforts in increasing the awareness of preeclampsia.


“We must continue to strive to do better at monitoring pregnant women and to listen to what they tell us, because being aware of, looking out for and dealing with pre-eclampsia must be on the radar of all professionals dealing with expectant mothers on the frontline. Recognition of the condition and early intervention are vital. When the signs are present, it is important they are not missed. Overall, maternal mortality across the UK has much reduced over the generations, but there must be no room for complacency, as there appeared to be in my case, and as I know there has been in others. I was labelled high risk, having undergone five years of in vitro fertilisation and being over 40.” (full debate here)

Patricia Gibson, Shadow SNP Spokesperson (Consumer Affairs) –




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