To enable the development of PrePsia, Metabolomic Diagnostics firstly developed M-SCOUT, a versatile, innovative LC-MS/MS based translational research platform.

M-SCOUT integrates a multitude of essential building blocks necessary to successfully identify, quantify and select, combinations of metabolite biomarkers relevant to a certain condition. In brief, M-Scout can analyse a comprehensive library of metabolites (10-100) which have been putatively identified to be relevant to a disease, in minute amounts of sample.

The combination of metabolites measured by M-SCOUT can be updated very efficiently depending on the application. M-SCOUT is then typically applied to analyse the levels of the targeted metabolites in a collection of biobanked samples. The resulting data sets are then processed by a dedicated and proprietary bioinformatics pipeline.

In addition to generating high quality metrics this pipeline is geared to identify within the metabolite library measured, those sets of metabolites which are relevant to the disease under study. As such it has applications beyond just preeclampsia and other pregnancy related research.

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