Monday, February 4th 2019. Mr Charles Garvey, CEO of Metabolomic Diagnostics will be attending the Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine (SMFM) next week in Las Vegas.

The SMFM is non-profit, membership organisation based in the US with more than 3,500 physicians, scientists and women’s health professionals around the world. The Society supports the clinical practice of maternal-fetal medicine by providing education, promoting research and engaging in advocacy to optimise the health of high-risk pregnant women and their babies.

The 2019 annual pregnancy meeting will take place at Caesars Palace Hotel, Las Vegas where new ideas and research related to high-risk pregnancies are unveiled and discussed.

Mr Garvey will attend the show from the 13th – 15th February. Contact us to meet our CEO and hear more about our predictor test for pre-term pre-eclampsia, PrePsia™

About Metabolomic Diagnostics

Metabolomic Diagnostics is a biomarker-based diagnostics company based in Little Island, Cork, Ireland and is focused on developing a portfolio of early pregnancy screening test.

The company’s first product, PrePsia™, is focused on Pre-term Preeclampsia screening for first time pregnancies which is an unmet clinical need. This is a serious disease that can cause major disruption during pregnancy leading to the deaths of Mums and Babies and can have serious life-long consequences for the survivors.