Metabolomic Diagnostics is your Partner in Translational Research. We are a specialist organisation dedicated to the translation of novel biomarkers for complex diseases into market-ready diagnostic products.

Dedicated Translational Research Services

We, at Metabolomics Diagnostics are dedicated to work with academic researchers world-wide to progress exciting novel biomarker findings towards, and possibly into, the market. It is only when a scientific biomarker discovery is leveraged into a physical diagnostic product, it is capable of making a change where it really matters: in the provision of improved care in human health.

The team bolsters a wide range of expertise: from translational research, regulatory affairs to the commercialisation of technology. In addition, the team has a major interest and understanding of the research field focusing specifically on pregnancy-related conditions. This makes our company well-equipped to engage with clinical researchers and their hosting institutes to assist, collaborate and partner in the development of novel biomarkers from the bench into the clinic laboratory. Depending on where the biomarker is in its development cycle, engagement can involve different things: from consulting to IP-licensing and hands-on test development.

In-house Translational Research Capacity

Many of the major complex conditions are syndromic in nature and their prediction and/or diagnosis will require biomarker combinations rather than from a single marker. To assist the “discovery” of such biomarker combinations, we established a dedicated mass spectrometry-based translational research unit as well as proprietary bioinformatics processes. Using mass spectrometry, the company is capable of developing highly multiplexed assays for metabolites, proteins and lipids to verify multiplex biomarker potential in clinical study samples. Combining the domain expertise of clinical researchers and our translational research expertise, we can expedite the development of novel diagnostic tools. When required these assays can be developed under ISO13485, thus delivering gains in time-to-market. Metabolomic Diagnostics has also established a biorepository with a view to supporting researchers to biobank specimens in such a way that they can be used in validation studies underpinning a regulatory filing.

We pride ourselves by making the difference in bridging the high-risk gap between bench and clinic by combining a multidisciplinary team of expertise and dedication.

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